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(Sofa Risers, Bed Risers, Desk Risers)
(Set of 8)

Is your furniture too low which makes it hard to stand up from a seated position? Is your desk too low to get your wheelchair underneath? Furniture Risers install easily under the legs and raise your furniture up higher.

Furniture Risers - Accessible Design

Furniture Risers - Accessible Design

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Furniture Risers

(Sofa Risers, Bed Risers, Desk Risers)
(Set of 8)

This comes as a set of 8 furniture risers – (4) 3-inch risers and (4) 4-inch risers.

Fits a furniture leg width of 2 7/8-inches (two and seven-eighths inches) or less.

  • Use to get up from a chair or couch easier (puts furniture on a small downward angle)
  • Place under desks to raise them up – easier to get a wheelchair underneath
  • Can be used with a bed or couch to raise the back higher than the front with a gentle slope
  • Works with beds, sofas and couches or armchairs
  • Easy installation
  • Safe and inexpensive solution

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