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Wall-Hung Accessible Sink

With Ceramic P-Trap Cover

Do you need a wheelchair accessible sink? Installing a wall hung sink provides more space than a bathroom vanity.

Wall-Hung Accessible Sink - Accessible Design

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Wall-Hung Accessible Sink
With Ceramic P-Trap Cover

This beautiful wall-hung accessible sink provides more space underneath than a vanity for easy wheelchair access. Because there is extra space below, it is also easier to clean and maintain than a vanity.

Features and Benefits

  • Ceramic P-Trap Cover protects wheelchair users and others from hot and cold pipes below wall-hung sinks
  • Looks great installed
  • Hides unsightly drain fixtures
  • Wheelchair accessible sink

This wall hung sink was used in our handicap bathroom remodel.

Suggested Retail Price – $405.00

Our Internet Price – $372.00

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