Motorized Closet Wardrobe Rack

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Similar to the Pull Down Closet Rod, the Motorized Closet Wardrobe Rack adds the benefit of a motor to raise and lower the clothing rod in a closet.

This is a great product for people seated in a wheelchair, or those with tall closets and limited strength due to arthritis or other health-related disabilities.

The Motorized Wardrobe Rack is available in a variety of sizes and load bearing capacities to fit most closet configurations.

Motorized Closet Wardrobe Rack

Wardrobe Rack in Full “Up” Position


Motorized Closet Wardrobe Lift

Wardrobe Rack in Down Position


Motorized Closet Clothing Rod

Wardrobe Rack in Extended Down Position


Motorized Closet Wardrobe Rack Features:

  • Arms available in Black or Chrome
  • Load Bearing Capacity of 60 lbs or 70 lbs
  • Convenient for wheelchair users
  • Wireless remote control for lowering and raising clothes
  • Motorized 110v electrical plug included
  • Stores clothing in high closets

Motorized Closet Wardrobe Rack

60 lb Capacity – Black – $967.00
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60 lb Capacity – Chrome – $967.00
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70 lb Capacity – Black – $1,690.00
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70 lb Capacity – Chrome – $1,690.00
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