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CHALLENGE: Provide a safe and easy solution for an 84-year old woman having trouble climbing the stairs to her second-story bedroom and bathroom.

SOLUTION: Install a two-stop home elevator in this Los Angeles home which travels from the main floor of the house to the second floor upstairs that will accommodate a wheelchair and caregiver.

The initial home assessment showed that a stairlift would be a possibility but there was a high probability that she would eventually be in a wheelchair.

The stairlift would need to be custom-made with curves to accommodate the various turns and landings and it would be much more expensive than a standard straight stairlift. When she reached a point where a wheelchair would be
necessary, she would actually need to have two wheelchairs – one at the
top of the stairs and one at the bottom.

Installing an in home elevator lift was a much more practical solution in this situation. The extra cost of the custom curved stairlift and additional wheelchair put it more in line with the cost of an elevator and would ultimately be safer, less strenuous, and much more convenient (no transfers).

The client was adamant about staying in her home as long as possible
and therefore a home elevator installation made sense to her.

Elevator Installation Los Angeles

The home elevator shaft was builtfrom the main floor up.


Home Elevator Los Angeles

Main floor entrance door to thein home elevator in Los Angeles.


Elevator Lift for Residential Elevator

The elevator lift was installed into the shaft and then finished and painted to match the interior of the home.


In Home Elevator

The elevator doors at the top and bottom were trimmed in white like the other doors in the home.


Elevator Lift

The crown molding on the ceiling was also custom fabricated to match the existing crown molding in the room. The finished installation looked like closets at the top and bottom of the stairs.


Lift Elevator Installation

It wasn’t until the doors were opened was it apparent that a lift elevator was inside.

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