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CHALLENGE: Provide a way for a wheelchair user to travel up a two-foot high stairway with five steps but minimal space in front of the stairs.

SOLUTION: Install an Aluminum Modular Ramp that travels back and forth in front of the home.

Ramps allow wheelchair users an easier way to travel over steps to get in and out of their home. But when you need twelve feet of ramp for every one foot in rise, you need a lot of space to install the ramp.

For this installation there wasn’t enough space for a 24-foot ramp to go straight up directly in front. We decided to use a Modular Ramp that traveled back and forth in front of the home that allowed for proper length vs. height.

Modular Ramp Installation

As you can see in the photo below, everything was in place with the modular ramp that runs right up to the front door.

Modular Access Ramp

The entrance to the aluminum modular ramp begins just a few feet in front of the steps leading into the home. While it seems like quite a bit of extra wheeling back and forth in front of the home, it allows for a much smaller incline slope which is easier on the wheelchair user or caregiver for getting up the ramp.

Modular Ramp

Looking straight on at the ramp entrance it appears steep, but when viewed from the side you can see the slope is actually quite low.

Modular Aluminum Ramp

The great thing about a modular ramp is that it can be pieced together to fit almost any situation. The all-aluminum construction is weather resistant and the handrail option makes it safe and easy to use by caregivers.

Modular Access Ramp Designs

Add a flat landing to make changing directions almost effortless and it’s no wonder why modular ramps are so popular.

Modular ramps are popular with both homeowners and businesses who need to be ADA compliant. They can be used for wheelchairs, walkers and scooters, and are lightweight, yet sturdy. They are usually easier to install and cheaper than comparable wooden or concrete ramps.

For more information about installing a Modular Ramp for your home or business in Los Angeles, call us at 310-215-3332.

We have also posted information about this Modular Access Ramp installation on our blog.
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