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Power Vibe – Whole Body Vibration

The PowerVibe vibrating plates produce Whole Body Vibrations that are transmitted throughout the entire body which causes muscles to contract and relax automatically.

  • Increases Endorphins and Serotonins for feeling great
  • Reduces lower back pain
  • Increases Circulation, Range of Motion, Oxygen Flow, and Balance
  • Helps Prevent Osteoporosis
  • Reduces Arthritic Pain
  • Increases Muscle Strength and Performance

Whole Body Vibration users include professional football, baseball, basketball and hockey teams, as well as individual professional athletes, actors, coaches and trainers.

Suggested Retail Price – $2795.00

Our Internet Price – $2497.00

Overstock Price – $1250.00
plus $199 shipping

To place an order call Accessible Construction
toll free at (866) 902-9800.


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