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Ceiling Lift Patient Transfer Device

Ceiling Lift Patient Transfer Device

A Ceiling Lift is a patient transfer device that safely and comfortably lifts a patient in and out of bed, a wheelchair or bathtub

  • Battery-operated transfer device
  • Small and powerful motor for transferring patients
  • Ceiling mounted and can be installed on a track for moving from room to room
  • Works in small, narrow environments
  • Safely and comfortably lifts patient in and out of bed or tub
  • Ideal for lifting out of bed, allowing for a patient transfer to the bathroom, lowering into the tub, and then back to the bed after bathing

We also offer a portable Patient Lift for situations where a permanent lifting device isn’t needed.

NOTE: Overhead Ceiling Lifts are custom-installed and are not available for purchase through our shopping cart. Give us a call toll-free at (866) 902-9800 to discuss available options and requirements.

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