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A Telecab Elevator does not use a traditional shaft and works well in a home where space is a premium.

Telecab Elevator - Accessible Design

Telecab Elevator

Maximize your living space and save on installation costs with this two-stop elevator that does not require a lift well. The Telecab Elevator is perhaps best known as the “vanishing elevator” because you can send it back up or down once you are done and it will “disappear” into the floor or ceiling, leaving you with additional space to use.

The Telecab is ideally suited for the mobility impaired, as it features many safety options such as an emergency battery-lowering device and an in-cab telephone. Continuous pressure push buttons ensure a smooth, stable and safe ride.

  • 500 lbs (227 kg) capacity
  • Cab dimensions: 30″ x 46″ x 78″
  • Automatic battery recharging system (115 VAC)
  • Adjustable top floor presence detector built in to the cab
  • Emergency stop and alarm
  • Emergency lowering
  • Fully enclosed drive tower for safety and aesthetics
  • Telephone in cab
  • Halogen light in cab

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