ezEnabler Wheelchair Swing-away Tray and Cup Holder

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ezEnabler - Wheelchair Swing-away Tray and Cup Holder

ezEnabler - Wheelchair Swing-away Tray and Cup Holder

ezEnablerWheelchair Swing-away Tray and Cup Holder

The ezEnabler ™ is patent-pending clamp & tube assistive device system allows wheelchair or walker users to connect many different attachments.

The uniquely designed clamp can be secured to any pole on the wheelchair or walker frame without adding extra width. The user has the choice of three aluminum tubes (7″, 9″ & 14″) that fit into each other, as well as the clamp, to make a custom height adjustment for the various attachments.

The table top, hook and cup-holder are made of poly-propylene, a durable recycled material that is dishwasher safe. The table top is manufactured with ribbing for extra durability and has two ports to accommodate individual placement on the tube(s). The cup-holder has added flexibility to protect it from repeated hits and bumps! The versatile hook can carry items such as keys, cell phones, and bags while shopping.

Once the clamp is secured, the attachments can be used as needed by the individual or carried in the enclosed tote bag that fits on the back of the chair.

It gives the user more independence and a better quality of life!

Suggested Retail Price – $210.00

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