Handybar Automobile Standing Support Lever

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Handybar Automobile Standing Support Lever - Accessible Design

Handybar Automobile Standing Support Lever - Handy Bar - Accessible Design

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Automobile Standing Support Lever

The Handybar is a simple, yet effective product that fits into the U-shaped striker on the inside car door frame and works as a support bar for getting out of the car.

Excellent for helping someone get in and out of a car or SUV. Bar is inserted at the side of either the driver or passenger door and acts as a support lever to help someone push up from a seated position. Also has a utility blade built into it in the unlikely event that you need to cut your seatbelt away. Metal part of handy bar is also capable of smashing the window of a car for emergency escape purposes. Red color only.

  • Use to get OUT of the car easier
  • Clips onto car door jam
  • Solid cast iron
  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive

Suggested Retail Price – $45.00

Special Discount Price – You Pay $25.00
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